Asia Is A Great Destination For Solo Travel

Asia Is A Great Destination For Solo TravelThere is no shortage of great places to visit in Asia. The culture, the food, the history and the music all contribute to something truly special about that part of the world. If your goal is to experience these things on a trip just for yourself, you are in for a holiday of a lifetime. Here are a few places well worth fitting into your Asian getaway.

Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong is the home to this popular waterway. However, for many, the best time to experience it is on a cruise at night. You can experience all the wonders of the city as viewed from the comfort of a wooden, red-sailed Chinese junk.

Karakol Trekking

For those who are a tad more adventurous, Kyrgyzstan offers some amazing views from high altitude. With the majority of this country sitting at about 1,000 meters, you can trek your way from city to city with or without a local guide.

Ancient Malacca

In Malaysia sits the tiny town of Malacca. It has a history that dates back several centuries and it happens to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The community offers a Chinatown as well as several old buildings to tour along with incredible food venues.

Ancient Temples

The ancient Khmer kingdom of Angkor features a temple complex that is equally stunning as they are beautiful. The complex includes mountainside temples and ruined monasteries that are wrapped in jungle tree roots. You won’t be able to see all of this in just a day.

Ancient Petroglyphs

The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan is well worth a stroll. You’ll find fortresses, monastic caves, fire platforms and the aforementioned ancient petroglyphs. It also climbs to above 4,000 meters to give you views that will truly take your breath away.

The Hill Country

Located in northern Vietnam, trekking through the villages there will expose you to several different tribes. Your senses will get a workout thanks to the colourful traditional garb, traversing the steep, terraced paddy fields and the amazing markets along the way.

The Hustle And Bustle

Sometimes you have to travel halfway around the world to realize that your busy city is much like any other busy city on the planet. In Sri Lanka the city of Kandy is clogged with people, vehicles and much more. However, it is also a relaxing place to sit and watch everything go by.

Our expert travel consultants have been to Asia and have experienced all it has to offer. For more on their journeys, here are what some of them had to say:

Erin Helloworld Penrith in Canada

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many untouched places, with the North for the mountains and green rice fields and the South for the sea and fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta, it offers a truly dramatic landscape. It is without a doubt one of my most favourite Asian countries I have visited. Once in Vietnam, a visit to Hoi An is a must. The town was declared a World Heritage site and often called the "Venice of Vietnam." With its canal-side setting and preserved colonial French architecture, it really has become a national treasure. And no visit to Vietnam is complete without trying some street food. One of the best ways to experience daily life in Vietnam, and it's also where you'll find the best food!

Erin Dunn

Helloworld Penrith
Erin Helloworld Penrith in Canada

With many sights and attractions such Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Zoo, Singapore is no longer just a place for a little stopover onto Europe or Asia but is a destination in of itself. It was a real delight to experience the many different cultures that call Singapore home and shape it into the bustling city-state it is today. Singapore offers many attractions for visitors, including The National Gallery, the Singapore Flyer which offers amazing views of the city and the resort island of Sentosa which has its very own Universal Studios. Singapore is truly a place for the whole family to enjoy.

Erin Dunn

Helloworld Penrith
Jeanette Helloworld Penrith at the Grand Canyon

Indonesia including Bali, Lombok & Komodo. I love Bali, its amazing culture, fantastic sightseeing opportunities including clifftop temples, rice fields, volcanoes, monkey forests, religious ceremonies, dance and music performances, unique accommodation options and fabulous restaurants and cafes.

I have travelled to Vietnam from North to South. Another diverse country from hill tribes in Sapa, to unique scenery including Halong Bay with its limestone outcrops, old historic villages such as Hoi An and Vietnam has an intriguing history. A visit to the Cu Chi tunnels will give you chills.

Cambodia is also fascinating, particularly the Angkor Wat complex. The local people are also extremely friendly and the food is fantastic.

The Philippines from bustling Manila to beautiful Boracay and its gorgeous beaches. The water sport options are endless.

Japan and fascinating Tokyo which mixes the ultra-modern with the traditional, to Mt Fuji which is truly amazing. The gentle kind people make Japan special.

I have visited Thailand from Phuket to bustling Bangkok and throughout Central Thailand including the Death Railway and River Kwai. A fascinating country with tropical beaches, Royal Palaces and Ancient ruins.

Singapore and Hong Kong are fabulous cities offering cultural diversity, together with a mix of modern and old. Fabulous shopping and fantastic entertainment options with Disney, Universal and the amazing Gardens By the Bay in Singapore.

Beijing, China is fascinating, particularly the bucket list Great Wall and Forbidden City.

I love Asia, it is a mixture of adventure, bustling cities, fascinating hectic markets, lush rainforest, ancient history, varied culture, remote islands, beautiful people and awesome food.

Jeanette Manley

Helloworld Penrith

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