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Make Australia And New Zealand Your Holiday Destination

Make Australia And New Zealand Your Holiday Destination

February 6, 2019 |

It is a magical place for the rest of us who have never ventured Down Under. We call them Aussies and Kiwis and see their world from a completely different place. The seasons are different and unique. The combination of Australia and New Zealand as holiday stops is attractive and intriguing. Here are some of our favourite things about both countries. Nature There are a lot of things to tickle the senses of the nature lover in you. Unique wildlife that exists nowhere else on…

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Planning An Island & Beach Holiday Try The South Pacific

Planning An Island & Beach Holiday? Try The South Pacific

January 6, 2019 |

Ah, yes. The wonderful part of the world known as the South Pacific. It has many small island nations and several attractions that will steal your heart and draw you in for a closer look. The South Pacific is home to stunning beaches, water sports and historic cities nestled on islands that you have to see to believe. Here are some of our top picks for your getaway. Tahiti You’ve heard of this place, for sure. If surfing is your game, then this is your…

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Wrap Yourself Up A Package Holiday In The UK & Europe

Wrap Yourself Up A Package Holiday In The UK & Europe

December 6, 2018 |

When you consider that in Europe there are a total of 48 different countries to visit, it doesn’t take long to see the wisdom in heading to that part of the world on a package tour. There is fascinating history as well as stunning scenery to see. If you are looking for some ideas on where to spend your holiday in Europe, here are our top picks. Amsterdam Canals Here is an interesting way to view the city – from the seat of a canal…

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Asia Is A Great Destination For Solo Travel

Asia Is A Great Destination For Solo Travel

November 6, 2018 |

There is no shortage of great places to visit in Asia. The culture, the food, the history and the music all contribute to something truly special about that part of the world. If your goal is to experience these things on a trip just for yourself, you are in for a holiday of a lifetime. Here are a few places well worth fitting into your Asian getaway. Victoria Harbor Hong Kong is the home to this popular waterway. However, for many, the best time to…

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Niagara Falls Family Holiday North America

Take Your Next Family Holiday To North America

October 6, 2018 |

There is so much to see and do in North America. Not only will you be able to see the second largest country in the world in Canada, it sits atop of arguably the strongest country in the world – the United States. History, beauty and more are awaiting you in North America. Here are some top places to include in your trip itinerary. The Grand Canyon This massive change to the regional landscape is in Arizona, USA. Not only is it one of the…

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Best Single Travel Holiday Packages

Find Out Why Hawaii Makes A Great Island & Beach Holiday

September 6, 2018 |

Over 8-million visitors will have Hawaii on their vacation schedule this year. The average stay in the Island State ranges from 9 to 10 days and the visitors there will spend over $14-billion for their vacation with many choosing to spend time on more than one of the Hawaiian Islands. There are many reasons why Hawaii is a great place as an island and beach holiday location. Here is a look at why so many people select Hawaii as their dream holiday destination. Weather Probably…

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Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

The 5 Best White Sand Beaches In Australia

April 4, 2018 |

Australia is a country that is known for its relaxed atmosphere, the blazing hot sun and not forgetting some of the most amazing beaches in the world. If you want to immerse yourself on a beach that has the whitest sands around, Australia is definitely the place to go. With such a large number of beaches however, you probably feel pretty spoilt for choice. Let’s have a quick rundown of the top 5 best white sand beaches in Australia so that you can plan your…

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River Cruises

Luxury River Cruising Through France with Scenic

February 8, 2018 |

Recently my husband and I took a river cruise. We had never considered river cruises before although we had heard so many positive things said about them from our extended circle of friends. It took a few years but finally, we managed to travel to France on one of the luxury cruises hosted by Scenic. It was our first-ever experience like this and was it ever amazing! If you have never taken a river cruise before, don’t wait as long as we did, as after…

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Cook Island Holidays

Cook Islands Holidays

January 9, 2018 |

Before I took this holiday in the sun I knew little about the Cook Islands. In fact, I had no idea that island holidays even existed. So when I went to the travel agency seeking a holiday to a relaxing island the recommendation to the Cook Islands took me by surprise as I must admit I knew very little about this tiny collection of fifteen islands in the Pacific Ocean. I was expecting the travel agent to suggest Fiji, Hawaii or Vanuatu as this seems…

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package holidays

Spectacular Western Canada

December 6, 2017 |

When it comes to package holidays one option I never knew existed involved travelling by train through Western Canada. Looking at the different holidays for singles over 50, it sounded interesting enough to explore further and, as I discovered, it made for a perfect trip. The train is the Rocky Mountaineer. It follows a couple of different routes but I took it from Jasper to Vancouver. I arrived in Jasper via Greyhound bus from Calgary. The train ride itself was amazing. I was not the…

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