Cook Islands Holidays

Cook Island HolidaysBefore I took this holiday in the sun I knew little about the Cook Islands. In fact, I had no idea that island holidays even existed. So when I went to the travel agency seeking a holiday to a relaxing island the recommendation to the Cook Islands took me by surprise as I must admit I knew very little about this tiny collection of fifteen islands in the Pacific Ocean. I was expecting the travel agent to suggest Fiji, Hawaii or Vanuatu as this seems to be the typical places that may other Aussies have ventured off to over the years; either as a family holiday or for a wedding holiday destination.

Travelling to this pacific Island intrigued me in such a way that I knew I had found my new my next getaway!

This Holiday in the Sun had so much more

For a tropical holiday destination, you can’t go wrong with an island surrounded by water, however, for this adventure I wasn’t interested in spending all my time lying by the pool soaking up the sun. If you are a foodie or fan of coffee, then you need to get out of the resorts and venture into Rarotonga where there was a buzzing café culture, and not just trendy but I must say some really good coffee to be had. And of course then there where the local markets which were packed with fresh organic foods and an up and coming artisan food scene. I loved the markets, bars, and restaurants so much that I could have spent my spent my entire holiday touring the markets talking to the locals.

The Muri Night Markets are worth a visit even if all you do is wander and absorb the smells of the foods, but with such amazingly fresh and well-priced seafood, I couldn’t go past indulging in one of the seafood delicacies. It’s so fresh that the catch comes in that morning, you pick your selection and then they will cook it for you right there on the spot, adding some of the local herbs. This experience really added to the feeling of a relaxed island holiday getaway – 5 star seafood without having to get all dressed up!

Island Holidays – Sailing and Snorkelling Adventure

One highlight that stands out, in particular, was the day trip to Aitutaki. There’s a morning flight and once you land you get to tour the island. If you prefer, you could skip that and sail on a catamaran to three of Aitutaki’s islands and enjoy an on board lunch plus snorkelling in one of the lagoons. This world-famous lagoon is a must-see destination. The water is crystal clear and warm, and the snorkelling is easy to do even if you have never snorkelled before or not a confident swimmer.

One thing I would strongly suggest is to rent a vehicle when you are on you Cook Islands Holiday. It just makes getting around a lot easier and gives you the freedom to do some exploring on your own and at your own pace. As you may have gathered I really enjoyed the food and café culture so having my own car meant I could venture out of the main towns and away from my accommodation and go visit some of the hangouts the locals eat at. Having done so I now know why they raved about it, and I’m so glad that I did.

The car also meant that there were so many other points of interest that you can reach without having to be confined to the resorts or having to do the touristy day trips, it allowed be the have some freedom and write my own adventure.

Cook Islands Holidays – more than just a tropical holiday destination

If you are considering an island holiday in the pacific you really need to consider aCook Islands Holiday for its fabulous crystal blue waters, its white sandy beaches, the burgeoning food and café culture and all the water sports and adventure activities you could want.

For me, it was the perfect mix of relaxation, adventure and some off the tourist track exploration. It was such an unassuming place that I had not heard much about and for this reason, I am now recommending to all my friends as I feel it really does have something for everyone.

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