Luxury River Cruising Through France with Scenic

River CruisesRecently my husband and I took a river cruise. We had never considered river cruises before although we had heard so many positive things said about them from our extended circle of friends. It took a few years but finally, we managed to travel to France on one of the luxury cruises hosted by Scenic. It was our first-ever experience like this and was it ever amazing!

If you have never taken a river cruise before, don’t wait as long as we did, as after finally experiencing this advice is to make sure you take at least one during your lifetime as it is truly incredible, a holiday that is unforgettable.

We chose to travel to France during spring and our timing could not have been any better. River cruises at this time of year are still popular but there is a lot less tourist traffic then visiting in summer, and as a result, we had plenty of space on board.

First Class River Cruising

Once on-board you are seriously spoiled! There was nothing I had to worry about, all we had to do was unpack once we arrived and then the first-class service pretty much took care of everything else. Dining was first-class, drinks were first class, and activities were first class. The ship is well decked out with all the other amenities one would expect from a 5-Star travel experience. We even had our own butler at our beck and call, this took some getting used to as I am not used to sitting back and put my feet up!

The river cruise itself was tremendous. We visited sun-dappled wineries and the Provence region. The countryside was stunning and well worth seeing in Spring. The region is well known for the high quality wines produced there, so if you appreciate great wine then this is the European cruise you need to take and I would highly doubt that there was a single winery located along the Rhone and Saone Rivers we did not set foot in and sample their wares.

The thing I like most about these all-inclusive cruises is that all the work has been done for you. You basically just follow the schedule. Every activity that is planned out I found interesting there was nothing I did not want to see or do. Plus, there is enough free time factored into these European cruises that allow you to do some exploring on your own if you choose to.

The views that we took in as the space ship meandered along the river were no less inspiring. From taking in the terrain, watching the sun glistening on the water as I sipped my morning coffee on our balcony to the adventures that were awaiting us around each and every bend.

One of the memorable day trips included a stop to a local market in Aigues-Mortes where we feasted on some fresh organic locally grown strawberries. Finding fresh food, locally made goods were typical of the little adventures we enjoyed during the balance of the cruise in between the events that were organised and hosted by Scenic.

Unforgettable Luxury Cruises

And then there was Paris. A vibrant stylish city with amazing history and architecture and that most amazing French cuisine. I will never forget my first experience in that beautiful city and I have Scenic and their value packed cruise deals to thank for that. We got to wander around the city to visit local shops, markets and cafes doing things I would never have considered if we had travelled there alone. It’s the insight and experience of a world class tour operator that gives you those extra special activities and takes you to the must see places.

If you are in search of a unique experience bathed in history, art, culture, romance, and fun then you really need to add a river cruise to France on your must do list.

Both my husband and I still talk about some of the memories we brought home with us, recalling a fabulous meal, that special winery tour where we sampled special vintages or those evenings cruising and watching the sunset whilst making new friends; these are truly special moments that we hold dear. So dear that I am missing that butler that I had at my beck and call!

I can honestly say if you are wanting a stress free holiday that includes all those special touches, top level food, wine, and accommodation with culture rich day trips and do so in an affordable way, Scenic all-inclusive cruises really have made river cruising a very easy way to travel.

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