Make Australia And New Zealand Your Holiday Destination

Make Australia And New Zealand Your Holiday DestinationIt is a magical place for the rest of us who have never ventured Down Under. We call them Aussies and Kiwis and see their world from a completely different place. The seasons are different and unique. The combination of Australia and New Zealand as holiday stops is attractive and intriguing. Here are some of our favourite things about both countries.


There are a lot of things to tickle the senses of the nature lover in you. Unique wildlife that exists nowhere else on the planet can be found Down Under. You’ll see koalas, platypuses and kangaroos to start. There are wildlife parks, reserves and zoos as well. There’s the Great Barrier Reef if you seek unique aquatic life and for exotic birds, New Zealand’s Tiritiri Matangi Islands will not disappoint.


You can hike through rainforests, visit waterfalls, tour the Outback, jet ski, kayak or whatever your sporting desire happens to be. Boating, zip-lining, parasailing and so much more await you in both Australia and New Zealand. The adventures will never end and the great people you’ll meet will add to that experience.


If your interest ventures into culture, you will discover many places on both Australia and New Zealand to fulfil that curiosity. The Aboriginal and Maori cultures are front and centre in many parks, centres and fairs which include educational elements as well. If your interests lean further in the direction of general history of the region, you’ll have plenty of museums to choose from to pick up that information.


You can’t visit Australia or New Zealand without spending at least some of your holiday at the beach. Some of the world’s best beaches happen to be located on any one of the small islands that are part of Australia. In fact, the uninhabited island of Whitsunday is a major beachgoers destination where you won’t be distracted by anything other than sand and water.


There is no getting away from it. Many honeymoons are spent Down Under. With jungles, unique venues, unusual wildlife and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, you’ll want to fit in a visit for a romantic getaway of your own. Many of the tiny islands in the region offer luxury accommodations that will most certainly give your holiday the right mood.

For some interesting details on Australia and New Zealand, our expert travel consultants know the areas well. Here are some of their comments.

Jeanette Helloworld Penrith at the Grand Canyon

I have travelled to every State and Territory including Far North Queensland, the Queensland islands, Sunshine & Gold Coast, Victoria including the amazing Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, WA, I highly recommend Rottnest Island and Broome with its white sand Cable Beach and sunset camel rides, South Australia including Adelaide, the Barossa Valley, the Northern Territory including Uluru, Darwin and Kakadu. Awesome NSW including our amazing north and south coast with endless beaches. Norfolk island is a South Pacific jewel.
I look forward to visiting the remote Kimberley region.

Postcard perfect views. I have travelled to New Zealand several times, twice by motorhome. There are so many stunning locations including sublime lakes, mountain vista, volcanoes, forest, glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, endless hiking opportunities, skiing, kayaking, jetboating (so much fun!), you will not get bored in New Zealand. New Zealand is a natural paradise.

Jeanette Manley

Helloworld Penrith

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