Planning An Island & Beach Holiday? Try The South Pacific

Planning An Island & Beach Holiday Try The South PacificAh, yes. The wonderful part of the world known as the South Pacific. It has many small island nations and several attractions that will steal your heart and draw you in for a closer look. The South Pacific is home to stunning beaches, water sports and historic cities nestled on islands that you have to see to believe. Here are some of our top picks for your getaway.


You’ve heard of this place, for sure. If surfing is your game, then this is your place. Tahiti is known around the globe for incredible waves and equally incredible weather conditions. Peak surfing takes place from May to August and if you have plans that do not include surfing, Tahiti is also a well-known destination for weddings and honeymoons and just for getting away.


If you are more into exploring nature and natural formations, then you may want to venture down to this part of Micronesia. Palau is one part of the region that features a group of volcanic and limestone islands that are surrounded by turquoise water and lush green forests. You’ll be able to visit some amazing shipwrecks that sit hidden just underwater waiting to be explored.


Another well-known destination in the South Pacific, Fiji has much to offer. In fact, Laucala Island is not large – only 12 square miles – but it features incredible cuisine offered from high quality dining facilities that will make you forget all your troubles. This island also has spas, a golf course and all the water sporting activities you would expect from such a paradise.


The world’s most accessible active volcano happens to reside here. Known as Mt. Yasur, it is located on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. Aside from the volcano, you’ll discover rainforests, natural hot springs, mountain ranges and some incredible coffee plantations that you can also tour and learn a bit more about the entire process that you end up enjoying in your morning cup.

Bora Bora

Located not far from Tahiti, Bora Bora is one of the most famous and favoured islands located in the South Pacific. It is on the radar mostly for honeymooners but if all you are looking for is a nice, quiet place to unwind and relax, Bora Bora can give you that as well. You can stay in a bungalow or a suite in a vast resort or somewhere in-between.

Our travel consultants have travelled the South Pacific and can help you with your island holiday plans. Here is what some had to say about their experiences there.

Helloworld Travel Penrith in Canada

From Fiji, Vanuatu & Noumea, if you want somewhere to go to “flop & drop” these are just some of the destinations to go. Lazing on the beautiful beaches, laying by the pool with a cocktail and a good book, to going out and exploring the culture that these countries have to offer. The mainland hotels & islands cater to everyone, singles, couples and families. You won’t be disappointed and will come home feeling very relaxed.

Naomi Alexander

Helloworld Penrith
Jeanette Helloworld Penrith at the Grand Canyon

I have travelled to Fiji, Samoa, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. I’ve had the opportunity to visit each as a single destination, and as ports of call on several cruises. Cruising is a very popular, great value for money, all-inclusive option to visit the South Pacific.

All have gorgeous white sand beaches, stunning lagoons, amazing snorkelling and other water-based activities. There are also very interesting cultural experiences and the locals are super friendly.

I once stayed on the island of Savai’I in Samoa and stayed in a tropical fale, an open aired hut, only metres from the water’s edge. A very memorable experience, an experience you cannot get in a 5 star hotel, with fantastic Samoan hospitality.

Jeanette Manley

Helloworld Penrith

Do you hear the South Pacific calling? If you do, let us help make your holiday perfect. Contact us today.

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