QLD Outback Holiday Adventures

Australian HolidaysIf you have never had an outback holiday, it is definitely one of the best Australian holidays you could book. There’s a whole lot more to the Australian Outback than you may know and when we took our family holiday there the trip opened our eyes to so much more than we could possibly imagine. Here are some details on our tailor made holiday to the Outback.

I’ll be the first to tell you that although I love taking holidays in Australia, visiting the Outback was not on the top of my list. That’s because I truly had no idea what was there. My expectation was of a drab, barren land where nothing lived and everyone avoided. Boy, was I wrong… and I strongly suggest you put this holiday destination on your list of places to go.

Highlights Of Our Outback Holiday

So, what will you discover in the Outback? Well, there’s a whole lot of history that goes back millions of years, actually. A great way to see everything is to book what they call a fly-train package. You could also take a fly-drive holiday to Queensland. Either way is a great way to experience the Outback, as you get to explore at your own pace.

Once we landed in Brisbane, we rented a car and headed off on our journey. However, if you prefer not to drive, you can opt for the Spirit of the Outback train. Either way, you can stop at various destinations that dot the landscape and introduce you to new chapters of the Outback that you may not know existed.

What I enjoyed most was the unusual stops of interest. By having our trip all planned out before we left, this meant that we stopped at places I may not have otherwise considered visiting if it were not part of a family holiday package.

Locations that stand out for me include a visit to Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach. It features stunning outback architecture that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. I also found the Qantas Founders Museum to be an interesting step back in history. It focuses on aviation history and has guided tours where you will learn about flying history in Australia.The flying museum also contains many different aircraft relics that tell the story of flight in Australia.

Then there was the Dinosaur Trail Pass, which gives you access to 4 different attractions. I knew that dinosaurs roamed Australia millions of years ago but didn’t know much more. It was a great learning experience visiting the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History, so if you are planning a drive holiday to Queensland, make sure you include the Dinosaurs Museum on your itinerary.

So What Was The Best Part Of This Australian Holiday?

As far as tailor made holidays go, this one was exceptional with more stops of interest along the way. But aside from all the sightseeing I really found the personality of the region quite to my liking. The people I met in Queensland have a cheeky sense of humour but are also warm and have a kind spirit. I felt welcome wherever I stopped.

Probably one of the most memorable moments for me was the way in which the locals treated us. They opened their homes and hearts to us and rarely a night passed without an outdoor barbeque with cold drinks and much laughter. If I could bring anything back home with me, it would be the feeling of contentment I felt in the Australian Outback.

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