Solo Travel – Going Solo in Europe

solo travel in AmsterdamTravelling as a solo traveler in Europe couldn’t be easier with the help of a package holiday with Contiki Tours.

This company excels when it comes to offering holidays for singles and although I was somewhat nervous at first, they had everything together so I had nothing to worry about. I can honestly say it made for a nice, relaxed holiday.

To say this was the trip of a lifetime is putting it mildly; I had looked forward to seeing the sights of Europe for so long. As for being a solo traveler, setting out from Australia by myself was really easy and I soon discovered that so many others do this too! In fact on my particular trip over more than half of the participants were also travelling on their own; which brought us together in spirit and made for some good connections yet at the same time, I never felt smothered or confined. We could be as together as we wanted or I could still take time out if I wanted. I felt like we were part of a group but still had a taste of what it was like to be travelling Europe alone.

With so many of us in the group as ‘solo travelers’, it was actually very easy for friendships to be made and I am still in contact with a few of the people I met on that trip. A couple of us intend to travel again but this time as a smaller group. As for the European holiday itself, I am not all that certain where to start as there was so much to take in; I can’t share it all but here are just a few highlights…

My Favourite Part Of The Trip

Off the top of my head, the dinner cruise on the canals in Amsterdam stands out. While riding a glass-domed boat there is not a bad seat to be had, it was easy to soak up the visually appealing scenery. The entire experience was unforgettable, to say the least, and although I was alone at the start of my adventure, I felt part safe, like someone was always looking out for me, at times I would even say it felt like a family holiday (I’m sure you can imagine!)

The reason why I felt like this is because the way in which the package holiday was put together by Contiki. Everything is thought out and carefully planned to ensure that everyone has a good experience. We get to see key landmarks and visit significant sites and learn interesting facts about wherever we are thanks to the knowledgeable Contiki Tour Leaders. They are fun, engaging, and well organized, meaning I didn’t have to stress out about connections transport, accommodation check-ins etc!

Why Solo Travel Is A Great Option

You don’t have to worry about anything, as all activities, tours, and visits are planned in advance. We even get a lot of free time for our own interests in case we want to just relax in a café, do a spot of shopping, linger a while longer at an iconic landmark; or something else. There is no pressure to follow the itinerary to the letter but with such a well laid out schedule, you’d be silly to not take part in all the fun and excitement.

After all, when travelling solo to Europe, one of the reasons why the Contiki tours stand out as they pack in so much and offer such good value.

I saw places I would never have seen if I had planned my own European holiday and that made the difference to me. Plus, I also met a lot of new people in my age group doing the same thing as me which made me feel safe, comfortable and added to the experience.

If you have never taken a holiday as a solo traveler, and have never been to Europe, then you really must take one of these Contiki Tours.

Not only will you have the time of your life, you will make lasting friendships and may even get bitten by the travel bug which can lead to future adventures with or without travel partners.

Would I do it again? Of course, I would. I strongly urge you to seriously consider heading off on a European holiday even if you are single and never travelled before. You will quickly get over the nerves and apprehension, go on treat yourself to a solo travel package holiday this year. You won’t regret it!

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