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Solo travel is pure freedom. You can head out and explore just about any continent, take on any adventure or soak up beautiful architecture, no matter the destination, no matter the level of activity we’ve got you covered with an array of solo travel tours.

Travelling by yourself can be a rewarding and challenging experience. It can be everything from an eye-opener for first-timers to a full-blown, group adventure for the experienced!

It can also be a deserving escape from work and the hectic demands of everyday life, and when you only have yourself to worry about, travel to far away destinations is virtually limitless.

At Sydney Travel and Cruise, we can provide a plan that's tailored to your experience level, your budget, and level of inclusions or service expectations.

There's a great big world out there just waiting for solo travelers like you to explore!

Holidays for Singles - Why Travel Solo?

The best parts of single travel are:

  • Meeting a bunch of new and interesting people – building lifelong friendships with others from around the world.
  • You'll see what you want, when you want!
  • You’ll have people of all experience levels by your side to support you and provide recommendations.
  • The freedom to change your mind as you go - Don't feel like visiting that monument anymore? No problem! Nobody will be disappointed!
  • You're able to manage your budget to your liking.
  • Ask us about tours that you do not have to pay a single supplement.

This all means that there is no reason to hold off on heading off on that much dreamed of holiday!

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Our Single Travel Holiday Packages

Whether you want to travel locally or abroad, we have a getaway package that will suit you just right.

Everything from activity filled, adventure seeking destinations, to more relaxed nature trips that take in awe-inspiring scenery.

Some of our solo travel destinations include:

Hawaiian Islands

Discover paradise that is the Hawaiian Islands as part of a singles tour while exploring the pristine, subterranean worlds and marine life. Take a tour through villages and rainforests, then onto the golden sands of the Hawaiian beaches.


Discover Australia like you’ve never seen before – Experience the colours of the outback, the desert landscape, take in Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, see rugged coastlines or mine for an opal underground.

Western USA

Experience the wide, open spaces of Western USA. Think mountain ranges, endless coastline stretches and plenty of peace and quiet. Then imagine trekking on foot or by horseback through the lot with some like-minded characters!

The Rockies

The Rocky Mountains in the USA,  Canada, Alaska – Whether you enjoy the tropics or prefer a cozy winter indoors with friends, our travel partner Trafalgar offer destinations and itineraries across Alaska, Central and South America.


Uncover history, culture and time-honored traditions in China or Japan.

Many people think that travelling by themselves can be more expensive or more complicated.

That is no longer the case; many of our preferred travel providers do not make you pay a single supplement if you are willing to share the room with another person of the same sex.

And with a vast array of solo travel tours you can have the best of both worlds, having much of your accommodation and transport taken care, with a guide to call on if need be whilst still giving you the space and freedom to do as you wish; taking in as much or as little of the sights or local attractions as you desire.

There's never been a better time to book one of our solo holidays with Sydney Travel and Cruise.

Drop us a line today to arrange a chat to discuss a personalised travel plan with our experienced consultants!

Latest Solo Travel Deals

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 21 days | Apr – Oct 2019
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Best Single Travel Holiday Packages

Hawaii Four Island Adventure

 13 days | Jan – Dec 2018
 Price from AU$5,950 p.p.

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