Wrap Yourself Up A Package Holiday In The UK & Europe

Wrap Yourself Up A Package Holiday In The UK & EuropeWhen you consider that in Europe there are a total of 48 different countries to visit, it doesn’t take long to see the wisdom in heading to that part of the world on a package tour. There is fascinating history as well as stunning scenery to see. If you are looking for some ideas on where to spend your holiday in Europe, here are our top picks.

Amsterdam Canals

Here is an interesting way to view the city – from the seat of a canal boat. There are several to choose from and in one your gain a different perspective and appreciation for houses, museums and much more the city has to offer.

Celebrate Irish Holidays In Ireland

What better place to be on St. Patrick’s Day than in the land of the Irish? You can discover pubs where you’ll make many new friends and tap your toes to the upbeat sounds of Celtic music. You can’t go there without tasting a pint or two of the finest brew of the land.

The Tower of London

Dating back to the Norman Conquest, the Tower of London has stood the test of time. It has also had several uses in its lifetime. It has been a royal palace, was home to a zoo and even housed an armoury. It continues to be one of the world’s most famous attractions.


Nothing spells fun like a holiday that takes you to Germany during the annual Bavarian festival known as Oktoberfest. The annual event spans 16-days and is a magnet to over 5-million people. The event has a long history as well. The 2018 version will be the 208th annual.

Your Own Tour de France

When visiting France you have to do it on a bicycle seat. It’s one of the best ways to see and enjoy the French wine country. You’ll be able to see chateaus that are centuries old, dig into some delicious French foods as well as experience wine tastings of some of the world’s finest.

Beach It In Greece

There are well over two thousand islands that are collectively known as the Greek Islands. There are miles of beach to soak up the sun. Plus, part of the adventure is touring the islands for that perfect spot to tan.

Speaking Of Beaches

Known as Europe’s sunniest location, Portugal has fabulous beaches that surround some of the most intriguing history in the region.

If you are planned on a package holiday to Europe, our expert travel consultants can provide you with assistance. They have seen many of these places and offer this feedback from some of their experiences…

Helloworld Travel Penrith in Canada

If you’re going for your first time I would highly recommend a tour. I did this and am thankful I did. I was able to sit back and relax as we travelled through cities and mountain ranges, not having to deal with unfamiliar roads, maps and stress about getting lost. A tour gives you a great overview of the various countries so if you fall in love with one, like I did with Switzerland, then you can go back another time and explore it more deeply. From beautiful cities like Paris, Rome, Lucerne in Switzerland and Innsbruck in Austria, you will get to see spectacular scenery and learn so much about the history of these places.

Naomi Alexander

Helloworld Penrith
Jeanette Helloworld Penrith at the Grand Canyon

My personal drawcard is Europe. I have visited many times and will continue to visit again and again. I have had the opportunity to visit many countries, however feel I have only touched the surface. From the hilltop cobblestone villages, to the fascinating history, interesting cultures, amazing scenery and, once there, all within close proximity.

I have travelled by car, rail, coach and ship, the network and options are endless. My experiences include England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Barcelona (much more to explore in Spain!), Belgium, Czechia, Turkey, Greece and Iceland.

Iceland is a truly unique destination with dramatic landscapes, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, glaciers, a place where fire and ice co-exist. Depending on the time of year you visit, you may have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Iceland also has a fascinating history, and culture and the locals are friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend a visit.

Italy is also a favourite, with diverse landscapes, amazing villages, awesome history, fabulous food and wine. I have visited from north to south including the northern Italian Alps, Lake Como region, Venice, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Taormina (Sicily) and intriguing Matera.

Jeanette Manley

Helloworld Penrith

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